If you want to do more with Flow, like more payment actions per month, automatic payments in the background, recurring triggers or if you are into Profit First? Then read on to discover what our Flow+ subscriptions have to offer.

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For consumers

If you want to use Flow for personal use only, then take a look at our consumer subscriptions:

The Flow+ subscriptions let you do more with Flow. You can use more triggers and actions to build your Flows with, such as repeating flows or create waterfalls with "from what's left" and "fill budget to". For a full list of features, check our comparison table.

Differences between Flow+ and Flow+ Pro

The difference between Flow+ and Flow+ Pro is in the amount of payment actions you can do per month. A payment action is a money transfer from bank account to bank account. For a typical Flow (like the Salary Splitter) you use about 5. In our comparison table you can see how many payment actions you'll get with each subscription.

Limitation of Flow+ personal

Flow+ personal plans only work with personal bank accounts, they don't work with business bank accounts.

For businesses

If you want to use Flow for your business, the Business subscriptions are for you. As an added benefit, you can also use the Flow+ features with your personal accounts! The following Flow+ plans are relevant for businesses: